Gabe Gladstein is a ZETA Violins Artist, and fully endorses Zeta instruments. Head to if you are interested in electric strings.

Gabe Gladstein uses L.R. Baggs equalization, and has done so for many years with the Para Acoustic DI. With the support of L.R. Baggs, Gabe now uses the Venue DI, which provides perfect, deep, tenacious violin tone for both his electric and acoustic violins.

Gabe plays a 1992 Zeta Jazz Fusion violin, customized by Zeta for Jean-Luc Ponty. Jean-Luc played the violin for almost ten years, and based his Signature Model Zeta Violin on the 1992 model. Zeta Music Systems has since closed down, so the violin is a one-of-a-kind piece that Gabe never intends to part with. Gabe acquired the violin from Jean-Luc in 2010, and since that time has received consistent support from Jean-Luc. Gabe uses Helicore strings on the Zeta.

Gabe also plays a 2009 Joseph Grubaugh and Sigrun Seifert acoustic violin, the perfect blend of intense jazz tone and soft, classical highs, reminiscent of some of the great violins of the 17th century. Gabe is enjoying the new Thomastik Peter Infeld strings on his acoustic violin.

Gabe also owns a Barcus Berry Acoustic/Electric violin and a Pacific Fiddles acoustic violin, designed by Mick Loveland of Loveland Violin Shop in Santa Rosa.

Gabe also uses a slew of Boss and Hardwire pedals (Boss DD-7, RC-3, PS-6, and Hardwire/Lexicon Reverb), Small Stone Phase, and utilizes Gator and Lyt pedalboards. Gabe uses Monster Cables.