San Francisco Chronicle Staff Writer, David Weigand, Jan. 7, 2011, in

“Well into the set, Tolling brought violinist Gabe Gladstein to the stage to join him on Chick Corea’s bouncing “Armando’s Rumba.”  Gladstein, who took up the violin at 5, has been studying with Tolling for about a year and a half and is such a Ponty fan, he actually has a violin that was once owned by his idol.  He more than acquitted himself with the kind of poise, lyrical finger work and bowing that suggests it won’t be too many years before we’ll see him headlining his own gigs.”

Reno Jazz Festival Adjudicator, Mike Zilber, April 28, 2012, in an online post:

“Back from two intriguing and exhausting days adjudicating at Reno Jazz Fest. Great to see some friends, make some new ones and hear some talent. Since I teach the top Jazzschool group, I had a nice baseline for comparison. One player stood out who I believe we will all hear about. There is a kid who plays violin named Gabe Gladstein. Hard to draw sweeping conclusions based on 3 tunes, but this kid played better than some pros I have heard and played with! He wasn't just great for a high school kid, he was happening on any level. I cannot wait to see how he turns out. Don't know him at all, so no agenda here, but an unprompted shoutout to a SERIOUSLY talented young man, Gabe Gladstein, and if he moves the way I think he will, someone I'd be glad to share a stage with some day (apparently he is not too far from my backyard in Santa Rosa...).”